Technical Features

Data transfer:   E-mail, floppy disk, CD Rom  
Data Format:   Gerber  
Annual capacity:   m2  
Base Materials:   XPC ,FR1, FR2, CEM1, CEM3, FR4  
Equipment Manufacturers:   KINGBOARD , NANYA , DOOSAN  
Max. Board size:   400/500 mm  
Board Thickness:   0,5mm – 2,4 mm  
The minimum thickness of the line:   0,15 mm  
Minimum line width:   0,15 mm  
Minimum hole size:   0,4 mm  
Copper thickness:
  18 microns - 105 microns to  
Environment Sector:   CNC, PRESS, V-CUT ?CUTTING?  
Surface treatment:
  Chemical tin, OSP, solder coating roller, ?Hasll solder plating?,  
Solder mask:   Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, White, (UV)  
Element Print:   Black, White (UV)  
Additional Prints:   carbon  
Test :   100%