About Us

In 1995, in essence, PCB, electronic circuit board market, to the high quality, reasonable price and quickly eliminate the shortcomings of purpose has been opened.

The service of our valuable customers with a strong team XPC, FR1, FR2, CEM1, CEM3, produced a single-sidedFR4material, coated double-sided cards offer in with a hammer.

Quality Manufacturing : Production process standards within the material is all ed, one by one all the materials we use in terms of quality and durability are of high quality, our production process priorities.

Aesthetics and Functionality : In essence PCB is a priority for the aesthetic look and functionality of these qualities are for the continuation of production by our team of experts. That by sharing our knowledge and experience in this matter with you, our job is to do the most work.

To date, our jobs and our quality of services as well as the next speed of service, we offer our customers the best rates and customer satisfaction as the basic principle in each case are continuing.